eubiona natural cosmetics: Ecocert & COSMOS certified

For more than 40 years, eubiona has been the natural cosmetics brand for everyone who wants to care for themselves simply and sustainably.

In our products, we combine the power of nature with carefully selected care formulas - in harmony with the needs of different skin and hair types.

We use precious natural oils and valuable plant extracts from predominantly controlled organic cultivation. Our shampoos and shower gels contain only very mild surfactants made from renewable and completely degradable raw materials, mainly sugar.

Many products are also available in the 500ml family size and some also in the 2l refill size.
A large selection of vegan products makes it easy to find the right one for everyone:



The eubiona Hair care line relies on the proven, valuable essences from nature and combines them into six shampoos for individual hair care, for cure and care products as well as natural styling products.




Whether dry, stressed, normal or combination skin, with the face care line eubiona offers perfectly coordinated facial care: from gentle facial cleansing to care for delicate lips.



Shower gels, body lotions and deodorants contain valuable aloe vera and honey ingredients. The active ingredients sage and shea butter in foot cream/shea butter make stressed skin areas on elbows, hands and feet velvety soft again.




The eubiona Sensitive care line protects and cares for the skin with the proven and skin-friendly active ingredients oats, jojoba and evening primrose. The high-quality Sensitive products are particularly suitable for dry, red, irritated or allergy-prone skin.



The eubiona Sun range with olive and aloe vera not only protects but also cares for the skin. Also suitable for sensitive skin. With a summery coconut-vanilla fragrance. Mineral light protection filters, 100 % natural origin, alcohol-free and vegan.




Selected classics from the natural pharmacies for natural beauty that comes from within.

Pink crystal salt from the foothills of the Himalayas rounds off this range.



A diverse range of candles made of stearin, rapeseed wax or beeswax as stick, pillar or scented candles offers individual design options - for an atmospheric and cosy home.


Nature holds ready what we need for care. We use natural resources and treat them with care.

Our promise to nature: from the choice of ingredients to processing and packaging, we act sustainably.


Our best sellers

We are particularly proud of our mild formulas for shampoos and shower gels. They contain almost exclusively surfactants based on the renewable and completely biodegradable raw material sugar. We are also proud of our large selection of natural care and styling products - eubiona has the right product for every skin and hair type!




Aloe Vera

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Rich in vitamins



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Gentle and calming



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Intensive Care



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