Frequently asked Questions

Where can I buy eubiona products?

The eubiona products are available from specialist retailers (health food stores and health food shops) or from specialised online retailers.


Are the eubiona sun products coral reef friendly?

Yes, our products are compliant with the Hawaiian Reef Act.


What kind of surfactants are used in eubiona products?

Particularly mild surfactants from renewable raw materials are used. Mainly from sugar.


What is special about our airless dispensers?

The pump does not contain a metal spring like most other pumps. It consists only of PP and ULDPE (PE with ultra low density, i.e. very soft). This makes recycling this packaging much easier. In addition, a bag-in-bottle system is used that does not require a piston like many other bottles and can empty the entire contents of the bottle thanks to the negative pressure generated.


Why are there sometimes dark/hard pieces in the pink crystal salt?

The pink rock salt owes its colour to the minerals and trace elements it contains, including iron (Fe). Occasionally, some pieces of rock have a higher concentration of iron and a more intense red colour. During the grinding process after the stones are removed from the mine, grains with different colour tones are mixed depending on the colour intensity, with some being lighter, medium and others darker. Rock salts dissolve more slowly and with greater difficulty in liquids than sea salts.


Is palm oil used in eubiona cosmetic products?

We do not process palm oil. We generally ensure that the raw materials do not contain any palm oil components. However, not all emulsifiers, for example, are palm oil-free. In this case, we use raw materials in which organic palm oil is processed.